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Just Having Fun

My 71 Dart Story


     My Father originally bought the car in the late 80's. It was just a run of the mill slant six car.  He drove it as a daily driver for a few years. Then he ended up buying something better on gas for a daily driver and the Dart just sat in the driveway... Here is a picture of it in March1988.    

       march 88.jpg (43810 bytes)

      I ended up talking my father into letting me fix it up for my sister (Stephanie) who was going to get her drivers license in about a year. ( nice brother aren't I ?)

          I started by rebuilding the tired slant six.  Nothing special just a stock rebuild .  I wanted her to be able to stop fast and straight so I also converted the front brakes to the large bolt pattern disc brakes from a 73-up A-Body.  Here are a couple pictures of the engine right before I  dropped it back in..

slant 6 2.jpg (17093 bytes)  slant 6.jpg (30567 bytes)

           Then came the body and paint.  The body was really clean so it was pretty straight forward. I personally wanted to do the car Panther pink but she would have no parts of it... We finally agreed on a 1994 Ford Mustang yellow which  is why the motor was yellow in the earlier pictures. I drove it to Linden Auto Body toward the end of 1993. I really wanted it done so that I could give it to her on Christmas morning But they weren't sure if they could fit it in that fast. I really wanted  the bumble bee stripe and hood scoops on it so I bought them from Year One. I had them remove and fill the trim holes and a few small dents but other then that not too much had to be done. Here are a couple Pictures of it in the body shop.

in the body shop 2.jpg (25780 bytes)in the body shop.jpg (24270 bytes)

     Everything went well at the body shop. I wasn't sure if it would be done in time for Christmas at first but it ended up being finished  a few days before. I drove it home and hid it in the garage because I didn't want her to know it was finished. I cleaned it up some and bolted the scoops and  bumpers on and got it ready for Christmas morning. Below are the pictures of it on Christmas morning. I found a cheesy bow for it then woke her up way to early for her liking. Once she fully woke up she seemed to really like the car. We took it for a ride around the development and put it back into the garage until she got her drivers license in a couple weeks. Needless to say the car really stood out when she started driving it to high school. Picture a 17 year old girl driving something that looked like that to high school in 1993 and 1994 when the rest of the parking lots were full of new cars ...  You just have to love it....


christmas morning.jpg (26693 bytes)christmas morning 2.jpg (26693 bytes)christmas morning 3.jpg (26736 bytes)


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