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Just Having Fun

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    Well after a year or so Stephanie decided to buy something a little newer and more economical and was talking about selling the Dart.  Since I knew the car top to bottom and really liked it I bought it off of her somewhere towards the end of 1994.   I putted it around for a little while with the slant six in it and decided it needed more..  I ended up getting a nice 318 for it from Tom Chamberlin. It was a 10:1 balanced motor, J heads, Hemi grind Mopar cam an Edelbrock manifold and carb and a set of headers. Before I dropped the 318 in I sand blasted the engine compartment and painted it.  I put another 904 trans in it and also added a 8 3/4 rear with a 3:23 sure grip  and a set of C-body axles cut down by Moser so I could run the large bolt pattern rims along with a set 11" X 2 1/2 " drum brakes.

Clipboard08.jpg (30994 bytes)Clipboard09.jpg (31050 bytes)

       After the 318 transplant I hooked up and charged the air and  used the car as a daily driver. In January of 1995 my son Tyler was born. The dart was the first Mopar he was in. The rumble of the Flowmasters would put him to sleep almost instantly when he got into the car. check out the picture below of him at 5 days old..   Gotta start them young (notice the spark plug ratchet on his lap). Don't mind my ugly mug. That 80's look was really bad

.tyler on air cleaner.jpg (38395 bytes)

     The whole time I owned the car it was either at a cruise, show, being driven back and forth to work or getting the living crap beat out of it.

Below is a picture from the Glassboro Mopar show in I think 1995. I remember this show really well because the night before it was raining really hard and we drove to Vineland for the Cruise Down Memory Lane show/cruise. There ended up being about 1800 cars there in the rain. The best part was there was an unofficial burnout contest going on in one of the parking lots. Of course I could just drive by and not get involved.. I ended up getting home late and wiped the car down a little in the morning before the show. While I was at the show I looked a little closer and there was rubber all over the place. On the trunk lid, bumper, exhaust tips and up the quarters.. I had to laugh because all the other cars were top notch cars and here I am with rubber up and down my car from doing burnouts all night in Vineland...

glassboro show.jpg (25385 bytes)

Early in 1996 I finally pulled the 318 and dropped in a stout 340. While I was doing the swap a friend made an offer on the car that at the time I couldn't refuse. So when the 340 was in I drove it to the exhaust shop and back and the kid came and picked the car up. Kinda sucked that I finally had the 340 all ready for the car and I never really got a chance to drive it.

burnout 1.jpg (38811 bytes)burnout 2.jpg (28254 bytes)



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