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Just Having Fun

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            Since that day at the track I have continued to fix small things and clean the car up. I also sent a few e-mails out to people that knew the previous owner asking if they knew anything about the car or the articles on the motor build up. to my surprise I received a few replies and everyone was very helpful.  Scott Teeters, Dave Wallace Jr. ,Al Kirschenbaum were all great taking their time to answer my questions. Here is the e-mail I received from Al Kirschenbaum. it is the actual article that was written by Steve Collision and submitted for  Al  to look over and make any suggestions.    Click Here For The Article.   Now I just have to find the magazine that it was in... The family I bought the car from says it was in Drag Racing Monthly. I haven't found anyone yet that could help me with the magazine.




Modifications For 2005


 in 2005 I would like to install a manual steering set up. put an aluminum radiator in the car and put a set of 15X6 rally wheel with a tall tire on the rear to mellow the 3:91 gears on the street a little. plus I want to get rid of those damn solid motor mounts and put a schumacher magnum mount on the drivers side and a stock one on the passengers side... The magnum mount is a basically a rubber mount with a bolt through it.. 


            magnum mount



Update 1/17/05:      After the Christmas shopping was done I had a few extra dollars and decided it was time for me to buy a few presents for myself..


I bought a Griffin aluminum radiator from Summit. it was the cheapest place I found. plus I have a few friends that have used the same radiator and they have had no problems.  for $189 how can you go wrong?  I bought the 24X19 because it looks like it will fit the best in my dart. they don't come with any way to mount them so I bought some  2" aluminum angle that was 1/8" thick and my  long time friend Dan Mangold (same guy that found the car for me) welded it on for me. Here are a couple pictures of the radiator. I couldn't get any good pictures of the welds holding on the angle but man are they sweet. They look like what you would see in a text book.

new pics. 001.jpg (156166 bytes) new pics. 002.jpg (154215 bytes)


I also bought a manual steering box from a friend and instead of changing the column I decided to buy the Flaming River adaptor shaft. it has a universal joint instead of that crappy factory coupler to attach it to the steering box. I think it looks alot better and it should give me more room by the headder.  It comes a little long so you can cut it to fit like you want.

new pics. 003.jpg (143112 bytes)new pics. 004.jpg (155234 bytes)



I have on order two 15X6 rally wheels from Wheel Vintiques.  They should be in some time this week. The rims will have a 4" back space. I'm going to put a 235/75 R15 on the car . I figure that should mellow the gear out enough for how I drive the car. I'll post pictures when I get the rims.


The motor mounts should also be this week. i will also post pictures when they come.


  Now all I have to do is wait till we get some warm weather here so I can put all this stuff on the car. Hopefully it will be alot nicer to drive when all this is done.




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